They’re back baby!

Hailing from the sunny surf coast of Victoria and the surrounding suburbia, Altitude is steeped deep into the history of the early 2010’s VIC music scene with chaotic live shows and brash, heart-on-sleeve singalong anthems as their calling card.

 In their wild but short lived tenure, the teen rockers boasted an impressive festival resume, finding a home on the Australian summer festival circuit playing both HomeBake and the Big Day Out. Due to distance the band grew apart while putting together their second release, leading to most of the group’s more well-known setlist never seeing the light of day.

In 2019 Altitude will be reforming with the full line-up for some very special shows including the Aireys Inlet Open Mic festival. The festival is very close to the boy’s hearts; It was their first show playing together, and they also chose it as their final show where they would lay the band to rest. In March 2019 Altitude will take to the Aireys stage once again and you can be sure they’re set to tear the roof off.