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Perico burst onto the Melbourne live music scene in 2005, bringing their catchy pop hooks, twangy guitars and harmonised vocals to eager and appreciative audiences on both sides of the river and beyond. With four songwriters, Perico combine their varied influences to create an eclectic and vibrant sound, which is a little bit rock, a little bit country, but always pop. Think early REM, Violent Femmes, Wilco, Belle & Sebastian and Fleet Foxes and you’re at the start of the meandering Perico path. After several years honing their craft in the bars and band rooms of Melbourne’s Inner North, they released their debut EP “Brockwell Park” in 2009, followed by the album “Four Times a Day” in 2013. With a new recording in the bag, Perico are excited to be emerging from covid hiatus and eager to bring their music to new audiences as well as old fans in 2021.

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