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Barberella and the Misfits

Band Members 
Barb Peppard - Vocals 
Rod Berglund -guitar
Robbie Dalziel -piano 
Pete Wakefield –bass

Barberella will be performing songs from her EP ‘Still a dreamer’, a cracking mix of songs that draws on her love of latin, reggae, jazz and folk.  Cleverly arranged chord structures with angelically pure vocals and harmonies, blend together in a way you don’t expect, delighting the senses and leaving you wanting more.

Raised in Dublin, Ireland among a family of musicians, she left her home land at the age of 18 to travel the world with a guitar and a backpack.  Eventually settling in a small coastal town in Victoria, Australia where she intended to live happily ever after.  A marriage break up unleashed a flurry of inspirational songs and her best music to date. 

Barberella will be joined by ‘the Misfits’ a wonderful bunch of highly experienced musicians:  Rod Berglund – guitar, Robbie Dalziel - piano, Pete Wakefield – bass, treating the audience to a bit of sass and lots of fun.

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