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Cheeky Velvet

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Cheeky Velvet has been crowned a triple threat and likened to industry pop sensations such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (Music is My Muse). Even winning over the likes of Industry renowned Tone Deaf, with them going so far as to place her EP in their cabinet next to Jimmy Barnes’ Shortbread and Violent Soho’s LP. (Tone Deaf) Her quirky music and pop shows are always a colourful affair with her live-show antics featuring backing dancers, costumes, confetti cannons and her ever sassy banter. With her effervescent stage presence it’s not hard to see why she is being called ‘the full package’. Her latest single 'Flirt' captured the attention of 'Don't Bore Us' editor Poppy Reid (also managing editor of Rolling Stone Australia & Tone Deaf). Velvet's adventures this year are just starting, recently ending her 2020 with a packed show in Brisbane. She is currently playing gigs in and around Melbourne with plans to release her debut album ‘Honeymoon’ this year.

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