Cornbread Cowboys

Howdy! We’re the Cornbread Cowboys, a four piece acoustic country and bluegrass band playing our own home cooked blend of spicy originals and country favourites. Featuring Peter Folino (Banjo), Henry Butcher (Fiddle), Mike Mietzcke (Guitar) and Michael de Valle (Double Bass), we’ll get your feet tappin’ and your hands clappin’ to the music of the mountains, prairies, saloon bars, and cowboy campfires. We'll make you laugh and cry in Yippee - Yi - cowboy style with our very own songs. And if you've got a hankerin' for anything from Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, from the Byrds to Gene Autry, we've got it covered! Come and hear us play, and bring yer horse if it can sing! (Bring yer hats and belt buckles too. Get ready for some big-time ye-hahs and thigh slappin!!!! Ed)

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