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Man City Sirens


Man City Sirens, an eclectic ideation of Brit-rock oriented music meets Italian arias: melodious, lyrical, emotional, blending the drama of opera, the fluency of pop and the revelry of rock. Generically, industry calls it indie; specifically has called ours unexpected, unpredictable, but compellingly different, passionate, addictive. For all its mood swings and polyphony, it remains, at its heart, thoughtfully simple: just like the child within the adult. Thus, the musicians in the Man City Sirens band are unabashed humans of the post-technological age at once beating their chests with sensual guitar passion while ephemeral keys lace scripts of love and life lived to the hilt.


The band has been slow-burning a reputation as a performing troupe that delights audiences from open air stages like Federation Square (city of Melbourne) and festivals (Apollo Bay Music Festival 2016, Brunswick Music Festival 2017 & 2018, Redfest 2018 & 2019) to hotel and club venues in the inner city and regional areas as well as getting air play on hometown community radio stations and interstate.

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