Ella and The Bellboys

Ella and The Bellboys are a Melbourne based band playing a diverse range of funk and soul music; covering Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder to name a few. They have a rich and soulful sound, presenting a unique take on the classic tunes of the past, revitalising and reimagining your favourite tracks while staying faithful to the grooves that make them great. You better bring your dancing shoes, cause you are not going to want to stay in your seat once you hear the gritty bass lines and soulful vocals that have the whole of Melbourne grooving. Prepare to be invigorated by the horn lines that meld together like honey, and the tasteful guitar lines and drum grooves that will guide the dance floor into a whirling frenzy. Come on a journey with the energetic and ever entertaining 6 piece that is Ella and The Bellboys.

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