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Garry Jones Family Band

Garry Jones

Garry Jones is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from the Victorian Wheat Belt in the Wimmera region. Garry sings historical soul music of farming, droving, droughts and the golden years. Garry has spent his working life both as a farmer and a professional educator. Drawing on his own experience of simple family living and a connection to the land, Garry aims to connect the generations of today with the knowledge and experience of our ancestors' history.


Together with three-part harmonies by wife Jenny on piano and son Harrison on guitar, their music is full of a loving family connection in which they invite the listener to join. Garry was the winner of Geelong's Best Busker in 2019. He also was honoured to receive the Tamworth Songwriters Association ' Novice Songwriter' Award in 2020.

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