Jasmin Adria

Jasmin Adria is a young 15 year old musician from the Surf Coast in Victoria. Since the first time she picked up a guitar at the age of 7 and started singing at 9, she has been captivated by music. Jasmin has gravitated to the old classics from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin to modern day indie rock such as Sarah Blasko and Angie McMahon. From having fun learning cover songs of her favourite artists, Jasmin has discovered the enjoyment of writing and performing her own songs. Songwriter/lyricists like Rodriguez, Lorde and Eddie Vedder are a big inspiration to her lyrics. Jasmin’s writing comes from her relationships, real life experiences and feelings of being a teenager. She also is inspired by clever written pieces in literature.


Jasmin can be spotted regularly busking the streets of the Surf Coast, gigging at local cafes, jamming at the local open mic sessions and performing to support initiatives for protecting the environment and community charities.


Jasmin has recently recorded and released her first song, Fake Friends, which has had a solid response. 

Fake Friends is out now on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.


Last year Jasmin featured in a ABC Behind The News Story for Australian Music Month. She was able to interview Aussie legend Paul Kelly and talk about songwriting, recording and his influences in music.

The story was aired on television on the 19th of November last year and can be viewed on the Behind The News website. 

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