Lions Den

Band Members 
Dylan - Guitar and Lead vocals
Iain - Keys,
Nick - Drums
Trent - Bass Guitar

Lions Den are not your average reggae band. A four piece ensemble from Melbourne, Australia, Lions Den blends reggae with psychedelic rock to create a fusion filled with the spirit of rebellion and liberation. Their sound is shaped by their diverse musical backgrounds, from the sweet licks and soaring soundscapes of Phat Dyl on guitar & vocals, the solid funkadelic grooves provided by blues journeyman Trent on bass, the gothic psychedelia of Iain on keys; all of it glued together with the unmistakable hard-hitting explosiveness and prowess of Nick on the sticks. One moment they will soothe you like gentle rain, then like the sound of thunder rolling over mountains the drums and bass hit you like a storm; the keys lock into a pulsating groove to dance to, while the guitar’s hypnotic melodies push you through the storm to reveal the sunshine on the other side. These are only words on paper; to experience a live gig will transform you forever.