Lizzie Jean

LIZZIE JEAN is a Australia singer/ songwriter from Melbourne. Whose music explores pop & electropop vibes. She is an artist who is young at 19 years of age but has been singing since she was 10. Her biggest inspiration is Taylor Swift & writes pop songs that are inspired by her favourite pop artists. Upbeat & original songs are mainly pop songs played on guitar (acoustic & electric). LIZZIE JEAN’S original, sweet, quirky and alternative style captivate the audience as an alternative looking artist with unique fashion trends to compliment her persona as a performer. Has written many original songs since she was 14 & performs them as much as possible in Melbourne busking & at her singing school performances at ‘Danny Stone Voice Production’. Aboutely loves performing & has performed 2 years in a row on a day near Xmas to a Christmas lunch at a homeless shelter for charity work. Aswell as singing originals she can sing cover songs that she makes her own original versions of. Personality is down to earth, sweet, friendly, can be shy but when on stage her confidence flourishes. She is such a unique person and has been told by many she has a lovely, strong voice that people love when hearing her sing.