Mink Mila

Hailing from Torquay with raw emotive lyrics that may be mistaken for a captivating stream of consciousness, arises 15-year old singer-songwriter Mink Mila. Mink’s enriched, tangy sound will instantly break you into a smile, and hold you in a warm embrace. Her smooth blend of unique phrasing does not only sound as laid back and welcoming as her personality but rather illustrates a dreamy delusion that will be sure to lift you from your surroundings and into an altered state of reality. During October 2019, she was chosen from a pool of artists to play beside Baker Boy and Ruby Fields during their all ages tour presented by the push and Triple J unearthed. This, as well as playing many local gigs, has given her the ability to captivate audiences of all ages. With a head full of split ends and a passion infused mind, Mink encourages you to join her as she continues on her exploration of love for music.