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Band Members 
Vocals/Guitar - Seb Fischer
Drums - Colby Murray
Guitar - Zak Quinlan
Bass - Casey Asplin
Sound Cloud

Neuritis will strike a nerve in your system. Formed as the brainchild of front man Seb Fischer, Neuritis is changing the landscape of modern punk in the Surf Coast. Their metallic punk style, fused with the heavy riffs of metal is balanced by their catchy melodies, adding a pop sensibility to their raucous stylings. The three-piece delivers a high intensity live show having already graced the stages of some of Melbourne and Geelong’s best venues including The Barwon Club, Boogie Man Bar, The Elephant and Wheelbarrowat and Aireys Inlet Music Festival. The young face-melters recently released their debut single Richard Cranium in online stores now. Neuritis (noun): inflammation of a peripheral nerve or nerves, usually causing pain and loss of function. Enough said.

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