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Play Like Nobody's Listening

Band Members
Pete Haydon
Min Flipo
Andi Lawson-Moore
Sharon Blum-Caon
Clare O'Rourke
Amy Murphy
Mike Haydon
Ethan Farmer
Rob Dalziel

Play Like Nobody’s Listening is a big, quirky, sophisticated, eclectic band led by big, quirky, sophisticated, eclectic local Pete Haydon. Featuring dense rich vocals and some stellar players, PLNL explores a wide range of originals and covers, currently featuring tunes from Pete’s forthcoming album. PLNL features Min Flipo on bass, drummer Michael John Haydon (Matt Corby, The Middle East), guitarist Ethan Farmer (Ethan Farmer Band), as well Black With A Dash vocal locals Andi Lawson-Moore, Clare O’Rourke, Amy Murphy and Sharon Blum-Caon (The SPAT), not to mention the ubiquitous and inimitable Rob Dalziel on keys.

Here’s a link to Play Like Nobody’s Listening doing strange but tasty things to the Steely Dan classic “Do it again” at the The 2018 Aireys Inlet Open Mic Festival:

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