Restless Natives

Band Members 
Josh Humphrey - Lead Vocals, Bass
Will McGuinness - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Blake Newton - Guitar, Vocals
Cam Kos - Drums, Percussion

Restless Natives is an energised upbeat rock band that hails from the golden oasis that is Geelong’s music scene. They pack a raw stripped-back creative talent that is both refreshing and catchy. Forming in 2016, the group established a unique sound whilst quickly recording several singles. They then began gigging in Geelong’s inner city venues and have since pushed into Melbourne to share their tunes with listeners who are searching for something to remind them of what it means to be passionate in music. The group consists of Josh Humphrey (Lead Vocals, Bass) Will McGuinness (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Cam Kos (Drums, Percussion) and newest member Blake Newton (Guitar, Vocals). Each band member brings a different style and perspective to the group that collectively makes Restless Natives a musical force to be reckoned with, and also a band that leaves you humming the songs days after the music has ended. Restless Natives is aiming to release their debut EP during late 2018/early 2019 and follow up their efforts with shows in Geelong, Melbourne, and all over Victoria. The band has come leaps and bounds growing tighter in performance and crafting stronger songs the longer they play generating an atmosphere of untamed energy that is unlike any other.