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Writing popular music can challenge even the most seasoned of artists, but Riordan finds inspiration in everyday life. “My inspiration can come from anywhere at any time,” she says, then adds “Looking around, you can get inspiration from not only what you yourself are going through, but from what others are going through. And I love that in doing so, you’re helping other people deal with their own things. It’s awesome.” Being a Christian, Riordan's faith is never absent from her work. As Riordan puts it, “I’m a Christian too, so I love to write about my faith; even if it’s just adding something little about it in to a song. That’s really important to me.” Music has power, no matter what the inspiration, no matter what the message. Riordan, even at the very beginning of her career, has an appreciation for what her music means to her listeners. “Words are so powerful, and I love the fact that we can lift them off pages with music.” 2019 sees new music in the works for Riordan as she takes her creativity to a new level. Listeners can expect a new release (or two!) this year.

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