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Short Shadows


Short Shadows take soul, indie rock, hip-hop, and ska and blends it all with wry, observational lyrics, punchy horns, urban samples and suburban soundscapes. The end result is party music that you can get down and dance to. Hailing from Melbourne's North, and inspired by fellow Melburnians, The Avalanches’ “no sounds are out of bounds” theory, Short Shadows take influence from bands such as The Cat Empire, Blue Juice, The Go! Team, Illy, Gorillaz and Amy Winehouse… just to name a few 2019 saw the release of the band’s debut album, War Anecdotes From the Northern Suburbs which featured songs "Customer Service" and "Nothing Good Comes Out of Preston".


The band played a steady stream of shows since the release of War Anecdotes, however, like the rest of the world, were stop in their tracks due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Not to be deterred, 2020 saw the band release three new singles from their forthcoming album, Dancing For the Team, which were all highly praised and lit up Spotify playlists. Short Shadows makes every gig a party and no matter how big or small the crowd is, they are guaranteed to be dancing by the end of the set.

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