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Originally called Scaramanga we played a few gigs in 1992. Then life happened and the band split up until 2015 when climbing out of a dark space Tim needed a connection with music to revive his life and revived the band. We imported our new Drummer Chris from USA as we thought it was funny to make him carry his drum kit on the plane as hand luggage. Now middle aged and exceptionally discombobulated, we changed our name to Sotu for tax reasons and were finally ready to write and record songs. Struggling through an extensive set list of original material, we recorded 12 tracks, and now, our debut album is available on streaming platforms. Follow the links from to find it.


Our roots are firmly based in early 90's Melbourne pub rock, as we are contemporaries of such notables as The Meanies, Spiderbait, Magic Dirt and The Powdermonkeys, but we have incorporated our life experience since those days, and expanded into a broader definitions of guitar based rock, and added keyboards to a couple of tracks, embracing such Aussie musical influences as Cold Chisel, INXS and The Angels. With groovy eclectic rock and a grungy Psycadellic grind and lightly sprinkled silliness and mellow floaty ballads, The songs weave through the stories of our lives, from bright happy times, to dark and scary places we have fallen into. But we keep the pace snappy and the show entertaining, after all, we have made it this far, not all of our friends have, so we need to celebrate our survival by playing loud, tight, rock music.

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