Sugar and Spice

Charlie and Serhiy have been performing and practicing music since their youngest years. Serhiy at 5 and Charlie at 4. Not long after, they realised their passion for music was something that could get them through life, the emotional roller-coaster that living can be. Serhiy’s first big performance was for a theatre audience in his birth-city, Vinnitsa in the Ukraine, which could fit 5000 people and was filled to 80% capacity. Charlie’s was in-front of a 800 people audience. The duo collectively have over 20 years experience in the music industry, in various aspects and as can be seen in their reviews, delivering a performance that leaves a mark, whether you love them or learn to love them, Sugar and Spice are going to be recognised for their unbeatable repertoire and performance skills, as well as their passion and tenacity to deliver a one of a kind, engaging performance.

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