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The Resignators

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If anything, they show a more balanced blending of the two genres without becoming too much of one or the other. The Resignators' take on ska is heavy and they tend toward raucous rock with something of a ska twist, but most of all they make you dance! It’s no wonder that the band have caught the attention and eardrums of fans throughout the world. They seem to have it all: their catchy, infectious sound, combined with the loudness and aggressiveness of punk rock, make them one of the most intriguing bands of the ska genre.


The Resignators have been touring Australia and internationally and have featured on some of the world’s most prestigious festivals and music conferences including SXSW (USA), St Kilda Festival (Australia), Caloundra Music Festival (Australia), Ska Nation (Australia), The Gum Ball Festival (Australia), Victoria Ska Fest (Canada), Pouzza Fes (Canada), Ottawa Blues Festival (Canada), Open Flair Festival (Germany), Pod Parou (Czech Republic), Mighty Sounds (Czech Republic), Train to Skaville (Croatia), Back to Future (Germany), Rebellion Festival (UK), Boomtown Festival (UK), Canadian Music Week (Canada), The Aussie BBQ (USA & Canada), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia) as well as a host of community and smaller festivals.

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