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The Drop Bears

Band Members 
Mikey, Dirty, Jules, Mark, Pete

The Drop Bears hail from Melbourne Australia and have built their careers playing in the local live rock scene in pubs.

The Drop Bears describe themselves as sonic beat punk and their show and sound like... The Kinks being spanked by Nirvana as The Rolling Stones and The Stooges throw watermelons at them, whilst The Killers and The Strokes Squirt them all with napalm as David Bowie looks on and nods approvingly. 


Formed in early 2014 the drop bears came together after singer Pete Vanda was forced away from playing guitar after an accident in 2014 at Bluesfest in Byron Bay, where Pete lost the use of his ring finger. The resulting operation left Pete with less than 20% of the movement in his ring finger, sadly, that's the finger that you need to bend notes and form most chords on a guitar.

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