The Frets 

In 2017 singer songwriter Lizz Lethlean teamed up with guitarist Chris Haddon to form The Frets. Many years ago they were neighbours in Yarraville but life, as it often does, took a twist and now Lizz lives in Williamstown and Chris in Mt Macedon. 

In the summer of 2017, after rescuing her car from an incident involving a spontaneous dip in a rural dam and an unfortunate faulty handbrake, Lizz called in for a rescue cuppa at Mt Macedon. The cuppa turned into a jam and the jam turned into The Frets.

Lizz writes and sings original songs that are in the folk and blues tradition with a strong emphasis on compelling lyrics. Chris plays electric guitar and cigar box guitar and chips in with some spicy blues, country and jazz overtones and the occasional vocal. A Frets bracket is full of mood shifts between toe tapping, heart wrenching and everything in between.

Both are seasoned musicians and have played in various bands over the years. More recently they have played as a duo at the 2017 and 2018 Newport Folk Festivals and several other venues in the Williamstown area.