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the SPAT 

“the SPAT” started out one fine Aireys Sunday afternoon after watching Los Locos play at Andi’s birthday party at the Pub.  We went back to Anna and Pauls’ place where they were minding Nina’s drum kit whilst she was living in Berlin with her parents Mick and Diana.  The drum kit just fitted in Mia’s old bedroom.  Mia had just moved out 2 weeks before.  We cobbled together other gear and we soon had a cramped band room where the magic happened.  We would “borrow” the town PA from the pub every now and then when it was available and jam laugh and work out some of our favourite songs.  It helped not having any permanent neighbours.

Originally the SPAT were Sharon Paul Anna and Tony, named as a piss take on ABBA, not that we play any ABBA songs yet.  Bricky soon joined as a cowbellist followed by Dave who we weaned off his ukulele and banjo suggesting he would shred on key boards.  Playing an eclectic bunch of not so obscure hits we create SPAT versions of some of your favourite songs.  We have played the Aireys music festival a couple of times supporting the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, and the Rock wiz Okistra, as well as Pressed Rat and Warthog at Hugh and Libbys’ pong break up.  We even did a “tour” down the great ocean road.  Come and rock out with the SPAT!

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