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Benjamin Trillado

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Known for his heart-wrenching lyrics and unapologetic candour, Benjamin Trillado combines the story-telling elements of folk with the gritty angst of indie-rock. With his powerful vocals and delicate guitar work, Benjamin has left rooms full of rowdy punters speechless. Raised in a Filipino household where karaoke was family religion, Benjamin was constantly surrounded by music. At the age of 12, he wiped off the dust from his father’s guitar and spent the majority of his childhood writing songs in his bedroom. He continued to study music into his tertiary years and was mentored by singer/songwriter Ainslie Wills and Killing Heidi’s Jesse Hooper.


Benjamin’s music has already reached a global audience, with his debut single ‘Glue’ attaining over 550,000 streams on Spotify. For his latest single 'Worth', Benjamin teamed up with sound engineer Jono Steer (Angie McMahon), and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Joe Carra. ‘Worth’ is his most honest track yet, an empowering search for self-love and acceptance as a queer person.

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