Tsinskaro are four singers brought together by a shared musical obsession: the extraordinary harmonies of the traditional folk songs of Georgia. Recently described as “Melbourne‘s most exciting new vocal ensemble“ by world music hub The Boîte, Tsinskaro delight in discovering and sharing the songs of this ancient culture, on the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Georgia is home to one of the world’s oldest polyphonic singing traditions, with songs passed down by ear since as early as the 5th century BC. Tsinskaro have travelled to learn directly from song masters in Georgia, in villages where singing is part of life and musical traditions are kept vibrantly alive. In Melbourne, they sing with and learn from renowned Georgian folk music experts. Sung with family and friends for generations, these songs are rich in harmony and story. They celebrate and honour all aspects of life: work, healing, feasting, faith, love, mourning, dancing.

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